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Coaching is just one of the many ways for gaining knowledge about yourself. It serves to take a closer look at yourself and understand your own patterns of behavior.

Why should you take a closer look?

To understand who you are becoming and who you want to become – your habits, patterns, and motives guiding your decisions. Coaching is also helpful for taking a closer look at your identity, personality traits, character, and your current motivations driving you to action. It also supports understanding the environment you are surrounded by: the relationships you create both professionally and personally.

What’s the purpose?

To broaden your perspective. By opting for coaching, you will be able to discover within yourself how to solve your past problems, answer important questions for yourself, and plan your life to be fuller in meaning, happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

Coaching is a process – it requires honesty, commitment, and openness from your side. If you are willing to change, determined to explore the potential within your resources, and enthusiastic to deepen awareness – with such an approach, you will be able to truly achieve all the goals you set for yourself.

You are the key to unlock the change
~ akocoaching

Few words about me…

My name is Agnieszka Kowalczyk, and I am a Business Psychologist currently pursuing postgraduate studies in Professional Coaching – both fields at Leon Kozminski University. As a Coach, I adhere to the highest standards set by the EMCC and ICF organizations. I regularly engage in mentoring, supervision, participate in training sessions, lectures, and scientific conferences to expand my knowledge in the field of psychology.

My coaching processes are grounded in Dilt’s pyramid – a foundation of adult human psychology. This framework aids in identifying areas where you need to make changes and in overcoming any difficulties you may encounter in life.

What I offer?

coaching indywidualny

Individual Coaching

You need to achieve high results in a short time or you live under high pressure.
You need support in making changes and it fees as you were hitting a wall.
You’ve already achieved many successes and have everything, but you still feel like something is missing.
You’ve already achieved many successes and have everything, but you still feel like something is missing:

How can I cope even better and more efficiently?”
“What should I do now?”
“What’s next?”
“How do I move forward?”
“Where am I heading?”
“Where is my life leading?”
“Where is my destiny?”
“I already have everything, so what?”

An individual coaching offer will be helpful in answering these questions for you.

coaching grupowy

Group Coaching

Do you need a large dose of inspiration, reflection, and practical exercises in a specific developmental area?

I invite you to join a focused, small, mutually supportive group comprising 8-10 people. Together, we will work with your knowledge and uncover the sources of your resources, supported by other participants, to help you address the challenges you face. Group reflection will further support the learning process and guide you towards finding solutions.

coaching dla firm

Coaching for Business

I offer coaching sessions for employees 1:1, conduct team coaching, and facilitate team work. I work on real challenges that teams face in the organization – especially in the transformation process and in the aspect of rapidly advancing technological changes including artificial intelligence (AI).

I will tailor an offer for your organization’s needs.

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