Even a strong will and a tough character sometimes need support, and there is nothing wrong with seeking help on the path to fulfilling dreams.
~ akocoaching

Values of professional coaching:

Safe space


responsibility for the process

Individual Coaching

1-3-5 sessions goal.

In specific cases, coaching can be goal-oriented (accountability coaching). The effects can be clearly measurable even after several hours of sessions with a clearly defined goal. The process of deepening awareness occurs as you make further choices in harmony with yourself, based on the knowledge and skills you’ve discovered about yourself.

1-10-12 sessions transformation.

We are discussing deeply transformative, long-term changes in neurological structures, particularly at the level of identity and belief work. This process often requires time and is inherently complex.

To illustrate, let me use a metaphor based on the knowledge of neuroplasticity in the human brain: Imagine your task is to carve a path through terrain rarely traveled before, perhaps slightly overgrown. You will then expand it into a dual-lane road, and eventually, transform it into a multi-lane highway. This highway will efficiently and effectively lead you to your goals.

Do it for yourself

450 PLN / hour

1:1 Individual Session

  • 1 hour session
  • Stationary
  • Online

Group Coaching

Online group workshops

I invite you to join a focused, small, mutually supportive group comprising 8-10 people. Together, we will work with your knowledge and uncover the sources of your resources, supported by other participants, to help you address the challenges you face. Group reflection will further support the learning process and guide you towards finding solutions.

The first workshop, titled ‘Winning Habits,’ will be held in the second half of 2024. As a prelude, I would like to invite you to a 4-week free online course. During this course, you will gain practical tools to confront the challenges you have always wanted to tackle but have not been able to, for some reason.

Team Coaching

Are you a group of people who want to achieve a common goal? Do you have a joint project, not necessarily professional, and are looking for optimal solutions? Are you wondering how to achieve a balance between teamwork and your individual goals? Do you want to improve the quality of communication and increase personal, relational, or task-related effectiveness while functioning in a team?

Team coaching is for you.

Relationship Coaching

Perhaps you and your partner feel there are aspects of your relationship that need attention? Would you like to deepen your connection and understanding of each other, leading to a stronger relationship? Are you interested in defining what a fulfilling relationship means to both of you?

Let’s come together.

Coaching for Business

Do you want to create a highly functioning team that:

Operates more effectively based on cooperation and mutual support,
Is able to adapt to changes and act under pressure without a strong stress response,
Engages in healthy, respectful relationships built on partnership,
Feels psychological safety – mutual support and space for exchanging ideas,
Has a strong belief that as a team, it can achieve exceptional results,

I offer coaching sessions for employees 1:1, conduct team coaching, and facilitate team work. I work on real challenges that teams face in the organization – especially in the transformation process and in the aspect of rapidly advancing technological changes including artificial intelligence (AI).

I will tailor an offer for your organization’s needs.